How To Set Up Multi-Room Music on Amazon Echo Devices?

So, are you wondering how to set up multi-room music on Amazon Echo at your home or workplace? How to play same and different songs on all speakers? Yes, it is possible with Amazon Echo smart speakers. All Echo speakers manufactured by Amazon are multi-functional and support multi-room music.

For using this multi-room music feature you need to connect all speakers to the same Wi-Fi network. If you are subscribed to Amazon prime music then you will be able to listen to only one song at a time to multiple speakers. To play multiple streams simultaneously to different groups of speakers you need to subscribe to Amazon unlimited music plan.

You cannot use multi-room music over Bluetooth but we can use speaker by connecting external speakers with Amazon Echo dot or echo plus using 3.5mm jack. Amazon music, Pandora, iHearttunes, TuneIn are most popular music station where you can enjoy multi-room streaming using Amazon echo device.

How to Set up Amazon Echo Multi-Room Music Feature?

Keep in mind that there are the different setting for playing same songs on all the speakers and for playing different songs you need to group the speakers by different name.

Questions in your mind?

How to play Alexa multi-room audio on Spotify, Pandora, iHearttunes, TuneIn etc. and my Amazon Echo Dot multi-room audio not working?

The process of setting up multi-room music if you want to play the same song on multiple speakers.

Important: You can play the same song on different external speakers by connecting Echo through wired 3.5mm jack.

One Echo device can be a part of the group at one time.

Go to settings ->Amazon Alexa app and Scroll down->click Multi-room music

amazon echo multi-room music
Create Group “name that group, you can either choose name from the list or you can give the custom name”

Create Multiroom Music Group

You will see the list of Echo devices already connected to Alexa. Now choose the devices that you want to place in one group for playing the same music.

In case you want to connect external speakers:- Place the external speakers as per your convenience connect all the speakers to Echo through 3.5mm jack and multiport connector.

amazon echo multiport connector

After creating a group you can play music by group name commands e.g Alexa Play music “Group name”.

To remove group or device

Go to Alexa App Settings > Multi-Room Music, and click the name of the group that the speaker is assigned to.

Multi-room music service available in the US, UK, and Germany for Amazon Echo, Echo dot, and Echo plus. Amazon Echo Tap, Echo Show, latest Echo Spot not support this feature.