Best Gifts Choice For This Christmas And New Year

Christmas is approaching and New Year is knocking at the door! It’s the time for fun, enjoyment, and merry-making! Santa will come up with new surprises this year, and it’s highly imperative to share the joy with friends, foes, and loved ones! Are you planning to present your family or a special someone with a unique Christmas best gifts? Well, here’s the perfect option for you!

Christmas And New Year Gifts Ideas

Opt for the tech way!

Gifting a unique, useful, and high-performance device will surely be the right decision. Christmas is a special occasion, and you should try your best to make it electrifying for your loved one. Why not choose something special when you have the option to do so?! Choose the latest offerings by Amazon- the Echo Spot and Echo Plus, which can emerge as the perfect Christmas presents!

Let your friend and family listen to their favorite tracks, know weather reports, hear news updates, and set alarms. These devices from Amazon will give them the perfect opportunity to build a smart home! Wish to know how? Here are some of the features you should check out!

What’s so special about the Echo devices?

Far-field voice recognition systems can upgrade and enhance the performance of smart devices. If you wish to build a smart home, you will surely want to give verbal commands to a smart virtual assistant. It’s right here that Amazon comes forward with innovative solutions for users. With a range of spectacular Echo devices, Amazon can turn simple houses into smart and connected homes. Here are some of the devices you should know about!

  1. Amazon Echo Spot
  2. Echo Look
  3. Amazon Echo Show
  4. Echo Plus
  5. Amazon Echo Silver
  6. Echo Dot

Depending on your preference and choice, you can opt for any of these devices. Each of them is known for their spectacular features, special highlights, and performance. If you are looking for a hi-tech, cute, and smart device, Echo Spot will be a perfect choice. Take a look at the highlights and finalize the purchase:

Echo Spot features

Unveiled on September 27th in Seattle, the Echo Spot is an intermediary between Echo Show and Dot. The device resembles a cute alarm clock which has smart speakers and screen too. The compact size, extraordinary display, and exceptional audio capabilities make it the perfect option for every home. You can set reminders, check out videos, listen to weather reports, and sway to the tunes of your favorite playlists. Breeze through these special features that add to its performance:

  • 4-inch built-in speaker
  • 5 cm extraordinary display
  • 5mm stereo port
  • 4 microphones
  • Microphone controls
  • Video-viewing experience

Amazon Echo Spot

Don’t go by the size, the device packs in a lot of splendid features that add to its functionalities to a great extent. Users can place it anywhere and enjoy operating with it.

Echo Plus features

Another spectacular option is the Amazon Echo Plus. The device happens to be a splendid choice for numerous individuals. You can also choose it as a Christmas best gifts option for friends and family. Make sure you check out the features before finalizing the purchase:

  • Cylindrical shape resembling the traditional Echo devices
  • 84mm wide and 235mm tall
  • 5-inch woofer for outstanding sound
  • 8-inch tweeter for 360-degree immersive experience
  • A highly functional circular strip indicating device status

Amazon Echo Plus SupportThe Amazon Echo Plus retains some of the stunning features of the classic Echo devices. It leverages the far-field voice recognition technology and can share connections with 3rd party devices. Other than listening to music, knowing weather reports, and performing regular functions, the device can also help users call an Uber, order pizza, and access skills. Gifting it to your friends will be a nice gesture for them! For more help, related to any Echo smart speakers you can contact with Amazon Echo Plus Support.

Take your pick

Get to know these devices and choose the one that suits your preference. If you want to make the best gifts grand and big, you can buy both of them together. Since tech innovations have taken the entire world by a storm, investing in these devices will be a judicious move. Opt for them, plan a surprise, and become the secret Santa! Your loved ones will surely get the biggest surprise of their lives!