Amazon Alexa Thermostat Commands and Enable Thermostat Skill

Alexa compatible Thermostat can be controlled by various types of voice commands to increase and decrease rooms temperature using Amazon Echo devices especially amazon echo 2nd generation. In addition, Alexa Thermostat Commands allows you to control your home temperature just by your voice

In the first step download the latest version of Amazon Alexa app and link your thermostat to Alexa app. Keep in mind that the thermostat must be Alexa compatible

In order to set up and control thermostat through Alexa app and echo device do follow steps.

  • First of all go to Alexa App -> settings and click Skills-> search thermostat skill(e.g Nest) -> enable skill
  • once you enabled nest skill click continue and it will take you to nest thermostat app page.

set up thermostat steps on alexa

Like other smart web applications, you need to create the account and log in. If you have not register account yet on nest website.

If you already have an account for nest then you can log in and follow on-screen instructions there.

Furthermore select settings Alexa app and selects smart home tab where Alexa display all smart home devices that are connected to same Wi-Fi network.

smart home tab alexa

Now select Nest to link your account to Alexa.

At the end, you can control Nest thermostat using Amazon Echo device using Alexa thermostat commands 

Even you can add thermostat skills if you have knowledge of programming through GistHub.

In case if you are not able to see your smart devices in display list then click on add devices that will search for other smart devices.

Similarly, you can follow same steps for other thermostats such as Ecobee, Honeywell, Emerson, Insteon, iDevices etc.

Alexa Nest Thermostat Commands

Say “Alexa”, set the “thermostat name” temperature to 65 degrees.
“change the “thermostat name” to 50 degrees.
“Alexa”, turn my “thermostat name” temperature to 71 degree

Thermostat Alexa Commands For Increase or decrease temperature

“Alexa”, decrease the “thermostat name” temperature.
 increase the “thermostat name” by 61 degrees. 

These are most common Nest thermostat commands.

Alexa Ecobee Thermostat Commands

Say “Alexa”, set (thermostat name) to 70

“Alexa”, set (thermostat name) to 68

cool down (thermostat name), Alexa, change temperature to 64 degrees, “Alexa, turn temperature to (75)” and

“Alexa” will ask you to confirm which device, just say your thermostat’s name.

Alexa Thermostat Commands – Honeywell

Say “Alexa”, set [thermostat name] to 65 degrees
“Alexa, raise [ thermostat name] by 70 degrees, “Alexa, lower [thermostat name] by 58 degrees
 what is the temperature inside”

How to Control Multiple Thermostats with one Echo Device

No wonder you do have multiple thermostats installed in your home or office.

You can now control all your devices from one app and one device simply by creating the group.

To start the process head on to you Alexa app and do repeat the steps.

  1. Go to setting section on Amazon Alexa app
  2. And select smart home
  3. Under smart home ” Select Group”
  4. Now click on create a group.
  5. From menu select type of group i.e Smart Home Group
  6. Enter a custom name for your group like the living room, kitchen etc
  7. Now once the group is created add the thermostat devices you want to add in one group
  8. Save the setting and quit the app
  9. Same way you have to add the thermostat to different groups.
  10. Once you have created multiple groups
  11. you can control each by performing same voice Alexa thermostat commands give above, you just need to add the name of the group at the end
  12.  Alexa –“Alexa”, set [group name] to 65 degrees e.g. set the living room to 65 degree where the living room is your group name.