5 Fun Things To Do With Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Most interesting things that we can do with our Amazon echo smart speaker you should be aware of it. Amazon Echo speakers are commonly used for music, read the news and answers/questions etc. But along with we can use many other skills with these smart speakers free as well as paid. There are 15 thousand Alexa skills that we can use with Echo device and many other third-party Alexa skills are available for more fun.

Amazon Echo, Echo dot, Amazon tap, Echo plus, Echo spot, echo show, fire TV are most famous products of Amazon. All of these are hands-free smart speakers connect to Alexa by Wi-Fi and provide you lot of features. You need to just set up echo plus or another echo device that you are using on Alexa.

 1. Switch ON/OFF Smart light Bulbs

If you are using smart light bulbs at your home that is Alexa compatible then you can easily connect to Alexa. You just need to enable skills for light bulbs. Click three horizontal line button from the left-hand side of Alexa and click skills section -> search skills for smart light like Philips Hue, LIFX smart bulbs, GE Link Smart LED Bulb or TP-Link depends on which company lights you are using select and enable it. Next step is to discover devices that will allow you to link your smart device to Alexa.

Control Lights with Amazon Echo

Remember always use the same Wi-Fi network for both Smart home device and Alexa.

Amazon Alexa Commands for Light Bulbs

Say to Alexa, set the “light name” light to red
Alexa, turn the living room lights on
Alexa, turn “light name” on/off


2. Control Thermostat

It is also a good idea to control your room temperature using Alexa device. Nest, Ecobee3, Honeywell thermostats are good options to control home humidity with Alexa.

Control Thermostat using Amazon Echo
If you are already using Alexa app on your mobile then open it and tap menu button left side of app and select skill button then search for thermostat skill of which company you are using and enable it after it will take to the thermostat website page where you need to create account and connect thermostat to same Wi-Fi network where your Alexa/Echo device already connected.

Amazon Alexa Commands for Thermostats

Alexa set the basement to 68 degrees
Alexa, turn the temperature up

3. Ordering pizza By Amazon Echo

Ordering pizza by your voice command is also an interesting thing. Technology is improving day by day to do the things more easily and quick. Who love to eat the pizza and enjoy parties on weekend they can easily order pizza in within the minute and also provide the option for payment by credit/debit cards or cash.

Order Pizza Using Amazon Echo

For use this feature you need to enable Alexa skill for Pizza Hut or Domino’s which one you preferred most. You can also enable skill by voice commands e.g. “Alexa, enable Pizza Hut skill”. After enabling the Pizza hut skill next step is to link your Alexa account to a pizza hut web page. If you have already account then you can log in by just entering your email and password. If you don’t have an account then create and connect with Alexa app.

Now time to order pizza Alexa, open Pizza Hut, Alexa, ask Pizza Hut to place an order

Same you can do for pizza order from Dominos with different commands like Alexa, open Dominos and place an order or Alexa, ask Dominos to track my order.

4. Order a Cab Ride

It is time for cab ride now. Uber and Lyft both are compatible with Alexa that allows you to book the cab from your Echo device. To enjoy this feature you need to enable Uber or Lyft Alexa skill and need to linked Uber, Lyft account to Alexa.

Uber Booking Using Amazon Echo

If you are first time user of Uber then you can use code 15Alexa for $15 discount for the first ride.

Amazon Alexa Commands for Cab Booking

Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride
Alexa, ask Lyft for a ride

 5. Control Ceiling fans, TVs, Door Locks using Amazon Echo

Another important things that we can use with Alexa are Switch on/off TVs, change TV’s channels, lock/unlock doors, Turn on/off ceiling fans by Alexa. What do you think? It is amazing when you will do this all without your hands.

Control TVs, Fans, Lock using Amazon Alexa

Alexa Commands

Say “Alexa”, turn on bedroom fan

“Alexa”, tell Smart Remote to turn on my TV

Hello “Alexa”, lock my back door