Amazon Echo Tricks- 13 Incredibly Useful Commands For Alexa

Today we are going to explore Hidden Amazon Echo tricks and useful commands for Alexa that can make life lot more easier with echo/Alexa devices

Whether it’s an Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Tap, or any other device, you can make the most of Alexa. The device will help you perform certain operations which are integral parts of an active life.

Other than playing your favourite music, creating to-do lists, listening to weather forecasts, and ordering food, your Echo device is capable of doing more.

You need to identify the possibilities and discover new opportunities with your Alexa device right now!

Amazon Echo tricks – What Can Amazon Echo do for you? 

If you already have Alexa at home, you must be aware of its functionalities and features.

That’s not all; it is highly imperative to get an idea of the various possibilities offered by the device. below are some Cool Amazon Echo Tricks and Commands you can perform to get most out of Alexa device.

1. Place orders from Prime:-  

Amazon Echo Trick 1- Your Echo device will help you place orders from Amazon Prime.

Alexa can identify the devices bought by you, list them, and let you know about the price. Users will also know about the estimated deliveries.

Alexa Commands

“Order a [item name].”
“Add [item name] to my cart.”
“Cancel my order.”

Place orders from Prime

2.Emergency food and beverages:- 

With the help of the Echo device, you can order emergency food as well as beverages.

Order via prime and you can reap the benefits of 2-hour free delivery services.

Order Food Commands

“add milk to my shopping list.”
“add cut the grass to my to-do list.”

3.Exclusive deals on Amazon Prime

If you have Alexa at home, it will become easier to reap the benefits of exclusive deals.

You can get the best items at affordable rates. That’s not all; you will have the opportunity to get brand new releases at attractive and lucrative prices.

Amazon Deal Alexa Commands

“what are your deal today.”

Exclusive deals on Amazon Prime 

4.Begin the day on an active note

Make sure the day begins on a happy and proactive note. Start the day with information on the weather, find out crucial news, and ask Alexa what the works lined up for the day are.

That will help you plan an eventful and organized day.

Your Commands

“Alexa, show my calendar.”

” show me movie showtimes.”

” open Uber.”

” set a pizza timer for 20 minutes.”

” play some music.”

” set a timer for 15 minutes.”


Amazon Echo

5.Alexa will read a book

You can ask Alexa to read a book for you. While you are busy working, the device will read your favourite stories and novels.

Alexa Echo Commands

“Play the Kindle book, ‘[title]’”

” “[Pause / Skip / Stop / Resume]” to control Alexa’s reading progress.


Alexa will read a book

6.Order pizza

Place an order for your favorite Pizza at the leading pizza joint. Add Domino’s to the list of Echo Skills and make sure the pizza gets ordered whenever you need it the most.

Your Echo device and Alexa can help you out to a great extent.

 Commands For Echo

“,open Dominos”

“,open Dominos and place an order”

“,ask Dominos to track my order”

Order your Pizzza

7.Build smart homes

Make sure you have a connected home with the help of Alexa and Echo device.

Control the lighting, electronic appliances, and get a smart connected home.

Amazon Echo Commands

“Alexa, “Discover my devices”    

“”Turn on the hallway light”

“”Dim the living room to 20%” 

“”Set the living room to warm white”

“Turn on the coffee maker”

” “Set the fan to 75%”

“Turn on the outdoor decorations”

“”Set the house temperature to 70 degrees”

” “Lower the bedroom temperature”

“”Turn on Movie Time”

Facing Trouble Setting you Smart home devices Do contact Amazon Echo Support team 

Build your smart home

8.Call Uber

Need a ride? Your Echo Alexa device can help you find one.

Give voice commands and call an Uber immediately. Most importantly, you will get voice updates on the distance of the car.

 Commands For Alexa

“Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride.”

” ask Uber to call me an Uber X from work.”

” ask Uber to change my default pickup location.

book uber ride


Get exciting recipes along with cooking guides. Your Echo Alexa device can come up with exciting recipes for you. If you are belting out a new dish, this app will churn out interesting help.


“Alexa, ask Allrecipes for the recipe of the day.”
” ask Allrecipes to find the World’s Best Lasagna recipe.”
” ask Allrecipes, how much butter is needed for Award Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies?”


10.Set a new wake word

Changing the standard ‘wake word’ and setting a new one will be a nice trick.

That will prevent the device from performing unnecessary operations.

Set a new wake wordOther than these top ten tricks, here are some more you can apply:

  1. Easter Egg Hunt
  2. Play your favorite tracks
  3. Looking through skills and discovering new ones

You Can perform all the actions above with Amazon Echo App, If you  don’t have Amazon echo App or you are facing trouble downloading it then you can easily Download Amazon Alexa App latest version

With the leading Amazon echo Support team by your side, you can overcome all types of technical hassles in the process.